What Real Patients are Saying:

Before seeing Dr. Paysinger, I was having a lot of problems. I tried all different medications, nothing seemed to work. But after coming here, my life is so much better.Stephanie
I could never figure out what was causing my sinus pain until I met Dr. Thompson. Working with him and getting a ballon sinus dilation, he was able to diagnose and treat my problem.Christine
Dr. Bouknight and her staff are so friendly. I really felt cared for. The procedure I had was something new to me, and they were with me every step of the way, and I’m here because of them.Ernest
After a number of years of sinus problems and three sinus surgeries, balloon sinus dilation opened my frontal sinuses better than ever before. I know my sinuses are draining much better than they have in a very long time. I felt very comfortable with the care given to me by Dr. Bouknight and her staff. She takes the time to explain any diagnosis and what needs to be done to relive any symptoms. I would highly recommend this practice and procedure to anyone with sinus problems.Linda Craft
No more headaches and facial pressure. I no longer feel lethargic, and it is great to have my energy back! What stands out to me is Dr. Paysinger’s explanation of what to expect. This was reassuring, especially after my surgery over three years ago [at another practice], which was worse than expected. The Sinus Center of SC is very efficient and professional with a friendly staff. I also appreciated the minimal waiting time.Sandra Presley
Balloon sinus dilation cleared my sinuses, reducing my sinus pressure and headaches. Dr. Paysinger’s quality of care and respect for my time, as well as responsiveness to my requests, stand out.E.W. Mullins, Jr.
Greatly improved sense of taste and smell. Eliminated sinus issues in the morning. Couldn’t be happier with the results! Highly recommend it. In fact, my wife will be making an appointment.Brian Grant
Dr. Bouknight is blessed with skill and compassion. She is always careful to ensure that I understand the issues attendant to my case, which has been and continues to be superb.Connie B. Walters
What stands out the most is the disciplined approach taken to address the real issue, not just treating the symptoms. Sinus endoscopy, MRI identified the real issues. The time spent with me and my wife, explaining the conditions and possible treatments was excellent, very professional.Jaime A. Zuloaga, Jr.

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