Why The Sinus Center of SC

The Sinus Center of South Carolina provides the most comprehensive sinus care available, offering premium service and fast access to appointments to patients suffering from sinus and allergy issues. Our physicians possess special expertise and advanced training in the endoscopic evaluation and treatment of nasal allergies, nasal obstruction, and sinus disease.

The Sinus Center of South Carolina offers an impressive, minimally invasive treatment known as Balloon Sinus Dilation (BSD). This in-office procedure provides instant and long-lasting relief by reopening blocked sinuses, whether caused by allergy, anatomical variations, or recurrent sinusitis. Antibiotic use for the treatment of sinusitis is at an all-time high. Endoscopic procedures, such as BSD, can restore natural ventilation and drainage of the sinuses, breaking the cycle of facial pain, pressure, and recurring sinusitis.

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