Balloon Sinus Dilation (Sinuplasty)

Balloon Sinus Dilation (BSD), or sinuplasty, is also referred to as ‘catheter-based dilation of sinus ostia’ or ‘functional endoscopic dilation of the sinuses.’ This procedure uses several devices that are guided into the sinus cavity and used to dilate the sinus openings–much the same way angioplasty dilates the vessels on the heart.

Balloon Sinus Dilation involves little to no tissue removal inside the nose and sinuses. At present, it is used to open the frontal, maxillary, and sphenoid sinuses. Surgeons will evaluate each patient to see who is best suited for BSD. Situations for which balloon sinuplasty is usually not appropriate are cases of large nasal polyps or significant scarring from previous sinus surgery.

Studies conducted thus far on BSD have yielded promising results for many patients. Those who undergo Balloon Sinus Dilation seem to have less pain and bleeding during the post-operative period. There are ongoing studies in progress that compare Balloon Sinus Dilation with traditional Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

Balloon Sinus Dilation is a catheter-based, endoscopic system procedure for patients who suffer from sinusitis. This process uses a small, flexible, sinus balloon catheter to carefully open blocked sinus passageways. This restores normal sinus drainage. When the sinus balloon is inflated, it gently restructures and widens the walls of the nasal passage while maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining.

Balloon Sinus Dilation Benefits

The benefits of BSD for treating chronic sinusitis symptoms include:

Safe and Effective – Clinical research indicates the BSD system is safe and effective in relieving symptoms of sinusitis.

Minimally Invasive – The technology uses small, flexible, soft devices that gently open blocked sinus openings and, in most cases, without tissue or bone removal.

Reduced Bleeding – In many instances, no tissue or bone is removed using this technology; therefore, there is often reduced bleeding associated with the procedure.

Improved Recovery Time – While recovery time varies, most people can return to normal activities within 24 hours.

As with the use of any surgical instrument, there are risks, and results may vary between patients. We will discuss your specific condition to find out if the BSD system is right for you.

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