Dr. Ben Paysinger Discusses the Balloon Sinus Dilation Procedure

If you feel you can’t breathe through your nose, it could be much more than a bad cold or allergies.

March is Sinus Pain Awareness month. Dr. Ben Paysinger with The Sinus Center of South Carolina says that unlike allergies that can go away with a season change, some people deal with not being able to breathe for other reasons.

The balloon sinus dilation procedure may be an option that will offer a clear path, literally, to being able to breathe again. It’s an advanced surgical procedure used to treat sinusitis and related problems using minimally invasive techniques. Balloon sinus dilation is performed endoscopically through the nose by gently inserting a small balloon into the natural drainage passages of the sinuses.

As the balloon is inflated, the ostia are widened. The balloon is deflated and removed, and the ducts remain open allowing better drainage of the sinuses. Adequate drainage of mucus dramatically reduces recurring infection and the common sinus symptoms that come with it.

Dr. Paysinger says this procedure is now covered by Medicare and most insurances making it even more available to suffering patients. Plus, since it’s done under mild sedation, Dr. Paysinger says the patient can return to normal activity quickly.

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