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Host – Tyler (Ty) Ryan:

94-3 The Dude. It’s Tyler and today we’re talking about the overall health of your honker; your nose.

From The Sinus of Center of South Carolina Dr. Ben Paysinger, Dr. Anna Bouknight and Dr. Tab Thompson.

Docs, I’ve been hearing about it term in the news and things called sinusitis. What exactly is that?

Anna Bouknight:

Well, sinusitis comes in a variety of flavors – so there is a bacterial infection, you can have a viral infection, but you can also have a chronic inflammatory process.


Is there something I would notice at home, a change in how I’m breathing a change in how I feel?

Tab Thompson:

Symptoms range from “I can’t breathe from my nose”, “I have pressure in the front part of my face”, “I feel fullness in my face”, “I have ear pressure”, “I have a thick post nasal drip, the discharge is very irritating to me”.


Dr. Paysinger, what happens when I come in and see you guys at the Sinus Center South Carolina, what are y’all going to do?  How are you going to fix me and Ty Ty again?

Ben Paysinger:

If it’s a chronic situation we’ll do a nasal endoscopy and actually look at the inside of the nose, the drainage passages of the sinuses, and then we’ll Institute appropriate therapy.


Some patients do well with over-the-counter medications, but there some patients who don’t respond despite what they take, and those are the patients who need to be seen because they may have an anatomic blockage that really isn’t going to respond to over-the-counter medications.


Dr. Thompson, what are some of the services you guys offer?


Not only do we adequately examine the patient and arrive at the correct diagnosis, but then we can begin treatment with some of the newer methods that we use.


For the patients that have severe nasal congestion, if you’ve ever had a congested nose, it is swelling or enlargement of that into to terminate, and we can actually reduce that under local anesthesia in the office, and it’s very effective at restoring the nasal airway.


You know, people have a perception that sinus surgery involves drilling out sinuses – that’s my favorite term, because we don’t do that.  The advantage to The Sinus Center South Carolina is that we look at each patient individually, and we formulate a treatment plan based on what their disease processes is, what we find on examination, and we work together with the patient to get them better.


Dr. Tab Thompson, Dr. Paysinger, Dr. Anna Bouknight from The Sinus Center of South Carolina we really appreciate your time today. Thank you very much.

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